I'm a Bay Area native UX & Product Designer.

I love designing simple and beautiful UI / UX for all platforms and wide range of products. I've worked with large companies to baby startups, and always strive to improve anything that I touch.  


My Work

MoneyGram Work

So many projects, so little time! I redesigned and created Alloy 2.0 (teller facing product) UI and specs, their kiosk UI 2.0 (customer facing / self service product), created some concepts for MG's new mobile app, 

Brunch Roulette iOS App

Have you ever played Check Roulette? If not, give it a try: go out with friends for food/drinks, and when the check arrives, everyone throws in their credit card. Ask the server to pick one card at random and charge the whole bill to it. It's a fun way to add a little harmless gamble to your weekly brunches with friends. This is an app that takes that game and expands it a bit. 

GoPro Work

During my stay at GoPro, I worked on many projects: user research, UI wireframing and spec-ing, bug hunts with QA, redesigning of internal iconography and programs. 

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Old Navy Redesign (WIP)
Old Navy product and category page redesign: visioning project
Moneygram Mobile App
Concept testing and design for Moneygram's mobile app.
MoneyGram Kiosk Redesign
Moneygram Alloy Redesign
A web app UI redesign for Moneygram's product: Alloy. A bank teller web app.
GoPro Hero Sessions
UX consultant work: website redesign, log-in flow redesign, and marketing takeover design.
Grumpy Bear Coffee
Branding for a friend's handcrafted coffee beans.
App Designs
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a.cherie.y@gmail.com | San Mateo, CA

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