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Brunch Roulette

My friends and I have a brunch club - that's nothing special; but then when the tab comes around, we play a little game. We all throw in our cards and ask the server to pick one at random and charge the whole bill to it. And thus came the Brunch Roulette app idea. It would have different modes and tracking, and by syncing to FB, you can select your friends so that the phone will randomly choose a "winner." 

Bloom: Pregnancy Companion App

This was my team's submission for the 2014 CHI student design competition. We were selected as one of the top 13 teams (out of 80 applicants) and went to Toronto, Canada for the semi finals. The prompt was to create an app that would leverage automated body data - and we selected pregnant women and pregnancy as our target audience since it has amazing market potential that's totally untapped right now. 

Nutrition Trends
Nutrition Logging
Insights and Compare
Home Page
Profile and Goals
Activity Logging
Persuasive Design
Bloom Logo

So what we designed was something similar to HealBe and Fitbit - but specifically tailored to support a healthy pregnancy. We also added social features (forums) and comparison features that allows for similar bodies females to converse and share stories, ultimately giving them the peace of mind and a support group. We talked with pregnant women, mothers, doctors and nurses to get key user input and came up with this design.

1. Food Summoner
  • Make food ordering quick.

  • Show key information: big photo of the single most popular item from that place, price, time, rating.

    • Have filtering options (i.e. vegan, vegetarian, paleo)

    • Have sorting options (i.e. cheapest, fastes, highest ratings)

  • Only show options that are open and available right now.

2. InstaDinner

Another take on a food ordering app. It's a cross between Instagram x other food ordering app. The app focuses on imagery and familiar social media interactions. 


  • You can adjust what you're looking for by using the commonly used food ordering app filters like cuisine. 

  • You get a Instagram-like feed of delicious looking food items from various delivering restaurants. 

  • The restaurants can upload their own glamour food shots and pick which dishes they want to showcase. They can upload multiple photos, just like Instagram. 

  • The user can like it , bookmark it (add it to their "list"), share it with a friend, and of course, order from there. 

  • Tapping on the 'order from here' CTA will take you to a image-based menu. Tapping on the item from there will open the item card and you can add it to your bag. 

food summoner v2.png
3. Tindr for Dinner

Coming up with what to eat is hard. Looking at a long list of possible options only make indecision more real. So let's take away the hardship and reduce the whole process to just yes/no photo swiping.


  • Swipe left for no, swipe right for yes. 

  • Photo after photo of different dishes. 

  • Filter options by dietary restrictions, ingredients, and other key words (i.e. no chicken, vegan meals only, something with kale, spicy).

  • When you swipe yes, you have the option of making it yourself (links you to recipe) or getting it delivered (links you to order page). 

  • You can "reset" your yes/no decision at any time. 

  • Using your "yes"s, the app will come up with similar but different food options to hone in on what sounds good to you. 

  • You can fill out your profile to auto filter and suggest personalized ideas (i.e. high protein, gluten free, Mexican food). 

  • Sync "yes" list with friends to find "the one" - bon appetito. 

Brunch Roulette
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