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Athleta iOS App Visioning

Athleta has been growing rapidly, outpacing some of the other Gap Inc. brands with their strong brand identity and loyal fans. Propelled further by the COVID crisis, the leaders wanted to improve their digital market, thus calling on us to create the future vision of what their app could be. 

Project Brief + Format

3 x one-week sprints = 3 concepts

Wildly ambitious, we were asked to come up with this future vision in only THREE WEEKS time. The team consisted of myself as the sole designer, a jr designer for prototyping, and my manager to help with the planning / presentation.

Sprint Plan.png

Week 1

Personalized Homescreen

If there's one key concept to describe the entire visioning efforts, it would be personalization.


I wanted the experience to feel uniquely tailored to our user so I explored the "My Home" feature: a hyper-personalized space that that elevates personally important information like loyalty points, order status, and product recommendations - but also offering things that transcends the purchase like workout videos, local activities and events, and community content.

I started off by creating a quick customization quiz but quickly found that the users found the experience off-putting. This taught me that timing is key and front-loading these questions was a no-go.

Week 2

Favorites and Closet

In this week, I explored contextual shopping (shoppable marketing content), favorites and My Closet feature. My Closet is a place where we would keep inventory of the items purchased by the user. While the data is the same as an order history, the presentation is entirely different. This space is created to offer the user an easy and visually engaging way to inspire new purchases that compliment their current wardrobe. By coupling this with favorites/wishlist, I'm attempting to create a close connection of "want" to "have" - hopefully inspiring the user to purchase what works best for them.

Week 3

Fit and Sizing

Lastly, I tackled the sizing theme. We all know that the biggest hurdle in online shopping is not knowing how an item will fit, and inevitably having to return something or order multiple sizes. I explored what information we could provide to help our users find their perfect fit and the confidence to purchase. "How will it fit me?" was a huge hit with the customers. It provided nuanced details of how an item will fit, illustrating how different sizes will fit on the same body, and surfacing relevant reviews from others with similar body shapes/sizes. 

What comes next?

We did so so much in such a short period of time and this was just the beginning! This served as a grand start for Athleta. It became a place to start determining what features to prioritize in the coming years to ensure its place on the product roadmap

Notes: This was the first part of a two-part visioning project. The following three weeks, I did the same crazy design sprint but for Old Navy this time. I explored different themes that were key to Old Navy's business and customer base. But that's a story for another time.

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