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The Problem: 


While CF boasts impressive content, their click analytics showed a different story. Surprisingly, the majority of website visitors were not clicking on anything, and over half of their search queries were blank. Also, due to a variety of people working on the website, it lacked a cohesive and standardized feel. 

Homepage - After

I grouped up the contents on the homepage by their respective type of content, creating a visual hierarchy, making it easier for users to skim and digest and pick out what they are most interested in. 

I then gave them a separate label that lays on top of the image, rather than sitting at the bottom of the description; quickly decreasing the wordy bulk that cluttered the previous design. These labels highlight new content, sponsored content, etc.

The banner area previously was taking up a lot of the precious above-the-fold real estate without offering much user value. My suggestion was to replace it with highlight articles and content that they wanted to push, making sure that these cycle often, to give the users some immediate value for visiting the site. 

I also removed all of the description text that sat beneath the thumbnails that was causing the weird spacing and misalignment; this has considerably cleaned up the white space and content layout, making it easier on the eyes. 

The video section allows for the user to immediately play the content, and view some of the other videos as well, without departing from this page. 

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ChefsFeed is a website / mobile app that is created by and for foodies and chefs alike. They originally started off being a review site similar to Yelp, where local chefs would review and rate dishes, restaurants, and other chefs. You can think of it as a more reliable and credible review source for the next level foodies. Then, they decided to change their business model and expand their vision to be more of a food media company - offering their own curated content like guides and video series.

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