Product Mock up

Grumpy Bear Coffee was a personal project between myself and a friend. He was roasting his own coffee beans, and as I got more and more addicted to caffeine, we started to talk about his "brand" and how cool it would be to actually start sharing his creation publicly. I specifically wanted to give out a sample batch to my family in Japan, and wanted it to look "legit" and that's how GBC was born. (Side note: my friend looks like a bear.)

Final Logo

Rather than ordering bags that have printed logos, I ordered a custom rubber stamp. I also purcahsed some coffee bags to test run how they would look. The biggest concern was the thing font on the sides but they ended up coming out better than expected, and legible. I tested how it would look on a normal paper cup too and it looked great! The roughness of the stamp added to the feel of "homemade" we were going for. 

Logo Stamp

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