MoneyGram Alloy UI/UX Update

Alloy is a product that MoneyGram bought from a startup called Nexxo. It is a software used by bank tellers to process checks, murchase money orders, send money, and so on. While it's an incredible product, the UI and UX of it is completely outdated and frankly, "un-designed." MoneyGram has spent most of its hours expanding and supporting the core mechanics, but neglected to update the UI. Thus I was given the task of updating the aesthetics, interaction, and the overall user experience.  

Old Alloy UI
NEW Alloy UI/UX (spec)

Here you can see some of the pages from the spec that I created. This document became the base document for product, engineering, and QA to base the building of the new UI. Additionally, I created a styleguide to document the new MG branding that was used in this redesign.

Alloy Styleguide

Some core design considerations + decisions: 


  • A cohesive, flat, modern UI

  • Visually pleasing use of white space to leaverage grouping properties and to make the application feel lighter + easier to use. 

  • Creating a UI that would work on desktop as well as mobile / touch based devices. 

  • Striking a balance between offering robust functionalities while maintaining a minimalistic and clean interface. 

  • Proper IA and hierarchy of navigation and menu options. 

  • Offering shortcuts and other smart features to minimize the click count and optimizing the "happy path." 

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