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MoneyGram Mobile App and Lean UX

MoneyGram currently has a mobile app that is essentially their website wrapped in an app shell. My team's task was to leverage Lean UX methodologies to come up with new MoneyGram mobile app designs and concepts. 

Mobile App Design Presentation
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The whole process heavily relied on user interviews. We went to our MoneyGram kiosk locations to approach users with questions about their experience with MG. We gathered important information around what kind of phones they used, if they used apps at all, what kind of things would get them to download it, and so on.


We found that most users either didn't have smart phones or had android phones. They were not eager to utilize apps that recorded their personal information, as they feared they would somehow lose their money or identity. We also uncovered that pre-installed apps did not necessarily yield higher trust with the users. 


Based on our multiple interviews and findings, I came up with a few work flows and designs of the app. We put heavy emphasis on functions around money tracking and making repeat transactions easy.